Oz Chicken Slayer Featured on Daydream Store

MARCH 10th, 2017

With the great news that Oz Chicken Slayer, our VR first person shooter, has been featured on the Google Daydream store, let’s have a look at future developments for the game…

While Oz was initially developed as a demonstration of what Tengio can build in VR, we were so pleased with how the game came out, and the reaction to it that we have extended the development further, building a new version on Oculus Rift with new features due to be built into both the new Rift version and Daydream version.

We’re hoping to move forwards with improvements into the future, based on feedback to keep refining the aesthetics and gameplay for the most fun experience possible.

New features we are currently implementing will improve the game in various areas based on player feedback and extensive testing, starting with a more richly detailed environment and the addition of a health meter and a “Rage” mechanic that allows the player to go into a super-mode in which they can rapid-fire without needing to reload. We’re also implementing improved polish and graphics, with more satisfying player feedback in the form of effects like big satisfying explosions and clouds of flying feathers. Oz will make funny quips to make you feel like a real 80s action movie hero, and chickens will ragdoll around and explode into a cloud of feathers upon termination. The environment for the first level is now more detailed and feels more full, and we hope to add additional levels in the future to keep building on the experience.

In gameplay terms, expect a large overhaul, with the play area made larger and more interesting, plus more weapon types to help Oz in his battle against feathered fiends, starting with the rapid-firing semi-auto pistol, and, of course, grenades (they’re a lot of fun, particularly on Oculus Touch controllers). The UI will be improved over time, with better aesthetics, feedback and new features like a scoreboard to compare your score with other players and fight for the title of world’s greatest Chicken Slayer!

Finally, the story will be played with, particularly in how it is told, to make it more immersive and bring everything together. We’re very excited to bring this experience to life and aim to make the most ridiculous and most fun VR shooter the world has ever seen.

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