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Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  • 1:1 Realistic models
  • Virtual tours and walkthrough
  • Interact with furniture highly
  • Detailed environments
  • Architectural visualisation
  • Multi-user experience
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  • VR Showhomes to sell to clients abroad and home
  • Easy tool for estate agents
  • Interact with furnishings
  • Multi user experience Increase return on investment
  • Close more deals faster by helping buyers visualize how a space might work for them
Education icon


  • Virtual field trips to anywhere on earth or beyond
  • VR science lessons, interact with atoms, dimensions and much more
  • Teacher and staff training
  • Augmented reality textbooks
  • VR bedtime stories
Medical icon


  • Surgical training Hospital staff training
  • Behavioral therapy (Exposure therapy and pain management)
  • VR simulations for disabled and homebound
  • Interactive anatomical models
Leisure icon


  • Staff training for hotels, restaurants, casinos and so on
  • Tour the hotel before booking your holiday
  • Interactive 3D map AB testing hotel interior decor
  • VR games and sports
Retail icon


  • Product placement testing
  • Store design and layout AB testing
  • Brand experiences
  • Staff training for stores VR storefront experience

Case Study

An immersive VR game

Using some free models available online, our lead VR developer built a small FPS game in which the player stood in a grassy landscape and shot at green chickens with a sci-fi laser gun. The prototype proved popular in the office, and so when Google announced a competition for Indie games built during 2016, this was used as the basis for our entry, and a good chance to experiment with the Daydream platform.

Oz case study screenshot

Case Study

A bespoke VR experience

Working together with an architect we created a 1:1 scale virtual model of a house, using floorplans. We created designs within highly detailed environment including high quality lighting, materials, reflections and shadows using 3D modelling and Unity. We created multiple designs with detailed furnishing and without furnishing, to reliably express design choices to clients.

Case Study

A virtual cinema

Watch your favourite movie now in Virtual Reality, while eating popcorn! You can select your seat by teleporting around the cinema to get the best seat in the house! This is a video walkthrough of the the cinema theatre showcasing the seats and the screen!


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